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Shelter wish list BGR Humane

Pet Supply Drop-off

We'll deliver pet supplies and wish-list items for you!

All this month we’ll be collecting items from the Bangor Humane Society’s wish list to help them care for their chirping, hopping, running, snoozing, barking, and meowing critters waiting for forever-homes.

Items can be dropped off at our branch in Hampden.

Animal Care Supplies
 Canned dog & cat food
 Full-sized blankets/sheets for dog kennels (new or used)
 Baby blankets/pillowcases/scraps of fleece and fabric for cat kennels (new or used)
 Soft cat & dog beds
 Towels/washcloths (new or used)
 Small animal food (rabbit, guinea pig, rat/mouse, hamster/gerbil, ferret, birds) & Timothy hay
 Small animal litter pans
 Kitten Milk Replacement (KMR)
 Canned baby food (meat based)
 Pet nursing bottles
 Wood pellets (for litter)
 Traditional kitty litter for foster care
 Small animal bedding
 Sturdy cat travel carriers

Enrichment Supplies
 Soft dog treats
 Dog & cat toys
 Soft dog treats
 Cat treats
 Rawhides/dog bones
 Shoeboxes & plastic containers for cat hideaways
 KONG & treat dispensing toys
 Paper lunch bags
 Wood sticks & chew toys for small animals
 Cinnamon spice
 Peanut butter & squeeze cheese

Shelter Supplies
 Clorox bleach
 Rubber gloves
 Clorox cleaning wipes
 Paper towels
 Windex
 13 gal. + 55 gal. trash bags
 Paper towels
 Office supplies—dry-erase markers, highlighters, binder clips

Note: all BHS dogs and cats are fed Hill’s Science Diet dry food; however any brand of dry food is greatly appreciated for their pet food pantry.

You can download the wish list here: https://www.bangorhumane.org/wp-content/uploads/2019/01/wishlist.pdf  or even view their wish list on Amazon.com.


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