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Visa Cards

Need money that is flexible to meet your needs? We offer the flexibility of a VISA debit card at your fingertips! Accepted world-wide, the VISA debit card is a convenient and popular alternative to writing a check. This card is an ATM card as well as a debit card. Just remember it is very important to keep track of all your debit card withdrawals on a check register!

Debit Card Application

VISA Check Card Information
We take security very seriously so limits are in place to limit the possibility of fraudulent transactions to a member’s account. However should you need to make a purchase exceeding these limits please call us 207-945-6264 or 1-800-974-4475 to have these limits increased momentarily?
Pin-Based Transactions: In this difficult economy we are doing our best to keep the overall costs in line with the many services that we offer our membership. All members with Visa Debit Cards receive 10 free PIN-Based transactions per month. Any POS (PIN based) transactions over the 10 Free is assessed a $1.00 fee for each additional PIN transaction. To avoid a Debit Card PIN fee, choose the Credit option when you use our debit card.

1.    Why should I choose credit over debit?  One word: security. When you choose credit, your signature gives you all the protection and rights of VISA.
2.    What do I do when the machine asks for my pin?  For most machines, push cancel and it will take you to the credit screen, or ask the cashier to process the transaction as credit.
3.    What about online and automated payments? Listen to all options available. In most cases, you can process your purchase as a credit transaction.
4.    What if I want cash back?  When you want cash back, you will need to use your PIN.
5.    How do I avoid a fee?  Use your PIN only when you want cash back. For all other transactions, choose credit.
6.    What if I use my PIN at an ATM? Changing Seasons FCU does not charge a fee for you to use your card at our ATM machine at the 115 Mecaw Rd, Hampden location.
The choice is yours—-choose credit!

**Please note, that as a Changing Seasons FCU cardholder you have 10 Free ATM withdrawals and 10 Free ATM Inquiries at any ATM not owned by the Credit Union. Any transaction over the 10 free transactions is charged a $1.00 per withdrawal and/or inquiry.**


We also offer VISA Gift Cards and Reloadable  Travel Cards

VISA Gift Cards are “stored value cards” that can be used like a credit card (the purchase amount is deducted from the card balance) at any merchant accepting VISA. Gift cards can be ordered in increments ranging from as low as $10 to up to $1,000.

The VISA Reloadable Cards are a lot like the VISA Gift Cards, but are able to be used like a debit card. They have a PIN number available to use along with all of the conveniences of a debit card.

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